Kickoff Meeting: EtherScripter and more

Ethereum Denver
Ethereum Denver
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Our inaugural meetup is locked and loaded!

EtherScripter - Intro and Live Demo:

We're fortunate to have EtherScripter's creator - mode80 - as part of our Meetup Group. If you've been hanging around the Ethereum forums, subreddit, and YouTube channels, you may have come across his project; it's an innovative GUI that gives you the power to build Ethereum contracts visually, in blocks, rather than coding in LLL or CLL.

Mode80 will be demoing EtherScripter, explaining his thought process, and answering your questions about the platform. You can play around with EtherScripter here (

Hanging out:

What are you working on in the Ethereum space? What questions do you have? What would you like to learn? We've built plenty of time and flexibility into the schedule to share, network, chat, and chill.

About the venue:

We'll be meeting at the Sidewinder Tavern - a kickass venue that's centrally located in Denver at I-25/I-70 and also convenient for anyone making their way down from Boulder. They offer your typical range of libations and pub grub. In the event you have an urge to play Asteroids, there is also an Atari.

Schedule for the night:

7:00-7:30: Welcome + Order Up Food and Drink

7:30-8:00: Intro to EtherScripter: Live Demo

8:15-8:30: Group Intros

8:30-whenever: Network/Hang Out

Any questions? Don't hesitate to drop me a line.