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Are you content with how your parenting role is playing out? Are you a parent who is frustrated with conventional employment offerings?Do you want to collaborate with a community that is eager to imagine how it could be different? Where the work options are compelling and acknowledgment of our commitment to work/life balance is honored?

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you on the topics of success in the family setting, compatibility, work and family, life domain balance and many more.

Does that make you curious? Do you have questions, ideas or practical input and would you like to be inspired by other parents in an appealing, open, humorous and encouraging atmosphere?

Join us and let’s explore solutions together to redefine success both at work and at home.

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Parents at Work

Impact Hub Colab - Community Saloon (Cafe Auer & Co)

FAIRPLAY-Parents Redefine Success at Work and at Home [First Event]

Impact Hub Colab - Community Saloon (Cafe Auer & Co)

Dialogue Evening: Fairplay at Work

Impact Hub Colab - Community Saloon (Cafe Auer & Co)


Impact Hub Zürich Colab

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