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This one’s for the makers, artists, designers, and hardware startups. Any tinkerers, creatives or garage inventors welcome too!

Berlin Makers is a meetup hosted by FabLab Neukölln. We took over the group from Fab Lab Berlin in summer 2023 and are carrying on the groups mission by hosting regular meetups, workshops, panel discussions, parties, and demo days that help makers in our community connect, inspire, share progress, and get new ideas.

This group is for you if you …
- love making stuff – costumes or self-driving cars
- love design – industrial, sound, whatever
- love tools – we’ve got a lot
- love coding, soldering, 3D printing, welding, sewing, woodwork, electronics
- love hardware
- love technology – music tech, fashion tech, sports tech
- love spending time watching other people make stuff on Youtube

Got something to show? Ask to pitch by emailing hello@workish.berlin

About FabLab Neukölln.
The FabLab Neukölln is a collaboration powered by 42berlin and workish.berlin. It’s a maker space, creative workshop, and hardware lab, right here in Neukölln. 

The 150sqm FabLab is split into two. A dirt lab with woodworking and metal working equipment, perfect for making dust and loud noises. Across the hall, you’ll find a clean lab equipped with a 3D printer, laser cutter, and textile lab where your electronics or more delicate projects can come to life. 

Our space was created to provide fair access to equipment, training, and community for students, experienced makers, and garage inventors alike. What will you come up with? Apply for the next onboarding session.