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This is a group for women* who would like to gain knowledge about computer science. Join our group if you want to learn about programming or if you are a woman working in the area and would like to connect to others.
We host study-groups in which women* can learn from experienced programmers in a relaxed and friendly setting, exchange their experiences with others and meet new people.


You can find more infos about us on our website:


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Female Coders Studygroup (remote) - Java for Beginners 👩‍💻🤯

In this workshop our mentor Lasi will introduce you to Java, one of the most used programming languages. This workshop is well suited for beginners! We will start by creating a small number guessing game, that will allow us to dive deep into several important concepts in programming.

Due to the current COVID situation, this study group will be REMOTE only. The zoom link for the remote participation will be added on the day of the study group.

About our study groups: You can join our study groups if you are a woman, or identify partly as one, who would like to get into programming! Learn programming with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python/Java etc in a relaxed setting with other women. The study groups are free and no prior knowledge is required - you can also join only some courses and skip others - everybody will work at her own pace.

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