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Calling all you ladies interested in entrepreneurship, creative self-expression, self-development and everything in between! This is an easy-going community for womxn by womxn  ..... let's connect, inspire, and learn from each other! All meetups are both auf Deutsch and English! 
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Create a Stop Motion Xmas card

HABA Digitalwerkstatt Leipzig


Let’s dive into the fun experience of creating a stop-motion video!
Are you still using stock images for your social media content? Are you struggling to come up with fun ideas to stand out among your competitors? Or would you simply like the time and space to create something unique, like a stop motion x-mas card? Then this workshop by media production expert Kordula Schuler will be perfect for you!

In this workshop, you will:

  • Get an introduction to stop motion film technique
  • Learn how stop motion is different from using stock footage for your social media content
  • Get to know the stop motion app
  • Do a hands-on first little exercise
  • Create your stop motion x-mas card
  • Get feedback on your experience

Want to know what a stop motion film could like? Check out Kordula's marketing clip: https://youtu.be/YB6GF-I6ASg

Please make sure to bring the following items in order to be able to participate in the workshop:

  • Mobile phone or tablet
  • Stand or tripod if you have
  • Favorite xmas decoration to put on xmas branch if you wish

(extra props will be provided on location, too)

More info on Kordula Schuler:
Kordula has a strong background in professional media production and has been working for the HABA Digitalwerkstatt in Leipzig. She is the founder of All.Stop.Motion, a media production company offering creativity packages for families. She also shares her love for everything stop motion through workshops for adults and kids in order to inspire each others and to show how easily this old film technique can be used thanks to the possibilities of mobile devices. Why? Because it allows everybody to create content that stands out from the always-same stock footage.


Some organizational things:

Please note the different time and location(And do your best to be on time)!
Feel free to bring food and drinks.

Deutsch and English, paraphrased translation both ways always provided

Killing Ms. Perfect

Basislager Coworking Leipzig


Are you suffering from perfectionism? Are you struggling with too many decisions, procrastination, and overwhelming emotions while navigating your unique life path, especially as an entrepreneur or working parent? There's a high chance that some old, and not-always-helpful thoughts and beliefs have hijacked your mind and actions. And Mélina Pelé will help you sort through that.

In this coach-y talk and workshop, Mélina will introduce you to the mind mechanisms that run all of your actions and related emotions. She will then present you with an easily applicable tool to gain control over your brain, clearing your mind and its old programs in the process. You will also learn why to welcome any type of emotion, both good and bad, as they present a powerful tool of communication between your mind, body, and soul. And last but not least, you will put all of that together, applying it to a real-life problem, and thus finally freeing yourself from your self-defeating perfectionism.

After this meetup, you will have learned:

  • how the sum of our actions, inactions, and emotions are driven by our (subconscious) thoughts, and thus our results are too.
  • to be more aware of where your thoughts are coming from
  • how your thoughts provoke your emotions
  • how to deal with perfectionism and procrastination
  • to understand yourself better and to become your own cheerleader

Learn more about Mélina here:
Mélina is a life coach, hypersensitive, multidisciplinary, environmentalist, and mother. Her mission is to change the world by taking care of those who save the world.
Facebook (in French)


Some organizational things:

  • Drinks can be purchased on location
  • Feel free to bring your dinner or snacks
  • Super easygoing, no formal attire or formal anything necessary. Come as you are.
  • Primarily in English but feel free to speak other languages.


This meetup is supported by Basislager Coworking, a central hub for innovation in Leipzig that provides space for founders, tech & creative people to focus on their business.

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