Worum es bei uns geht

Wouldn’t it be nice if more women cooperated at work?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have more support from your female colleagues and also to be more supportive of other women yourself?
The reality is this: instead of supporting each another we are bitching and "cat fighting"; we are jealous of her success and suspicious when her career seems to progress faster than our own. We doubt her talents and whether and how she "earned" the success.
But it this true the whole truth? What makes us act in this way?
For us it is not our given nature but more a lack of awareness and understanding of the woman sitting next to us. Thus we strongly believe that every single woman has the power to change this.
In our event we want to address this and evaluate different types of female office behaviours. We want to connect with you, build up a female network which will support you both professionally and personally in today's world.
Get to know your female strength and the power of supporting each other in an honest way.
You have the opportunity to meet incredible women, network and connect and become part of the growing MaL!sh community.
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Registration starts at 6:30pm

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