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Full body workout/ Ganzkörpertraining - outdoor
FYI: many people RSVP over https://www.facebook.com/groups/FiEnergy/ . Hence, registrations might not show up here. It's a perfect way to start into this weekend: destress from the week and get energized. What does this workout entail? A full body workout using mainly body weight exercises, sometimes Thera-bands and small weight or TRX bands. It's always different and will turn you in a fitter, more balanced, and stronger person....and help you lose weight, if that's your goal (in combi with a balanced, healthy diet). At least 4 of you must be registered, otherwise this course will be cancelled. Please only register if you will attend. Cost: 1 class: € 15.00 p.P. 5-er block: 5 group workouts for € 75.00 (that's €15.00 per workout) 10-er block: 10 group workouts for €140.00 (that's €14.00 per workout) 15-er block: 15 group workouts for €195.00 (that's €13.00 per workout) Students with valid student ID €11 First time "trial" workout: €8.00 per workout (for anyone new who'd like to try our outdoor group workout) For questions please don't hesitate to contact me @ 43-(0)677-[masked] or [masked] I look forward to seeing or meeting you, Yvi

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I'm a passionate personal fitness trainer and LOVE to support you in achieving your health and fitness goals. All workouts are outdoors and vary depending on topic or location; everyone is invited - regardless (!) of fitness level. You'll always work at your own level but I will challenge you - since you want to get better and/or change your body, right? But, the workouts will also be a ton of fun and you'll meet like-minded people. Plus, there are plenty of benefits of training outdoors: more energy, higher Vitamin D levels, greater focus, no mirrors, more likely to stick with it, in tune with nature,..... So, if you like to start or end your day with a good workout (one that's never the same!) or if you want to change yourself then don't miss out! (Workouts can be in English or German language.) To find out more about myself, check out my website and videos at http://www.FiEnergy.net and subscribe to my Facebook page if you are interested in health & fitness news, workout videos and other tidbits at https://www.facebook.com/fienergy/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel or subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBKntGfTb-_u-n9-I-ce0Pw

**********PLEASE RSVP to the meetings you wish to, plan to and WILL attend! IF you need to cancel a class, please cancel PRIOR to RSVP deadline. Please be fair to other registered members, as prices are contingent on the number of ppl attending the course.********

Rates per workout (all workouts are 60min long) based on number of participants/group size:

1 person = €20 (you are getting a 1:1 lesson at a fraction of my hourly rate!)

2 people = €15/person

3 people = €12/person

4+ people = €10/ person

(Max. group size: 8 people)

I currently still offer this on the basis that you attend if you have registered, assuming that you realize that your non-attendance influence the others (and the price they pay) as well as my class preparations!

So, PLEASE be so fair, and register ONLY if you will attend the workout. Thank you!

I hope to see many of you then I encourage you to make fitness part of your lifestyle and commit to a regular fitness routine.

Stay healthy and balanced,


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