Worum es bei uns geht

We are the first official FinTech meetup in Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main Region. Our goal is to create a platform for FinTech enthusiasts, founders, potential founders and anybody who is interested in the changes to come in the financial services industry. In this course we are also aiming at strengthening the FinTech community as part of the local ecosystem and contribute to Frankfurt's future position as a financial services hub of the next generation.

Different from most FinTech-labeled events in and around Frankfurt, our events are not driven by commercial interests and we focus on topics that are relevant for (potential) founders. Events are taking place every 6-8 weeks in changing locations and usually include 2-3 short presentations, 3 FinTech pitches and lots of opportunities to network and meet new people.

To stay up-to-date join the meetup group and follow us on Twitter via @FinTechFFM

If you want to contribute to the events, we are always open for

- Ideas for event topics and presentations/Speakers

- Ideas for new locations

- Connections to adjacent communities, either geographically or thematically

- Criticism and possibilities to develop our events and communities

- Sponsoring ;-)

In any case, feel free to get in touch!

Concerning the pitches:

To prevent experienced "pitchers" from simply performing their Standard pitch as they did 1492 times before, we set some special rules for our pitch format. Any medium is allowed, but if you want to use PowerPoint there must be no "text" on the slides... at least not in a classical way. You can use pictures, memes, comic stripes, basically whatever you like, just do not use slides as we all know them from way to many corporate presentations.

An example on how this can be done (to the extreme) can be found via the following link, thank you @SchnellSpesen


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