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Every first Friday of the month, 19:00 a interdisciplinary group of Entrepreneurs & Startups meets @ MLP-Haus,
Jean-Monnet-Str. 4, 10557 Berlin (Hauptbahnhof). Together we learn, engage and help each other, in order to create systematically a business from the idea, over a minimum viable product to a growing business.

Join our meetup! Entrance is free, but bring something or someone with You

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How to start a Start-up case study with am@rte T-Shirts

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We are opening doors for people from diverse disciplines, industries and cultures to network through a collaborative project: am@rte

The idea is that everybody brings something to the group, e.g. wine/snacks, share ideas/experiences, present products/prototypes… to get inspired and network!

Learn how to start a Start-up from idea to corporate with our business case study.

This year we co-created am@rte T-Shirts with a QR-Code to our networking platform, that makes visible local projects in a global network.

We produced 100 T-Shirts in Mexico. 60 T-Shirts are introduced upcoming FirstFriday in Berlin! 😃


  1. Boarding & introduction

  2. Pitch-round. Introduce yourself and present (your) website.

  3. Main topic: group buying/delivery with our T-Shirt case study

  4. Feedback-round

  5. Finish the wine & network.

Register for free on our platform and create your business card for the events.

Get inspired!



About am@rte: we are a collaborative network, where we share ideas, contacts and ressources with the idea to help each other within a diverse network.

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