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Every first Friday of the month, 19:00 a interdisciplinary group of Entrepreneurs & Startups meets @ MLP-Haus,
Jean-Monnet-Str. 4, 10557 Berlin (Hauptbahnhof). Together we learn, engage and help each other, in order to create systematically a business from the idea, over a minimum viable product to a growing business.

Join our meetup! Entrance is free, but bring something or someone with You

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The Customer Journey

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The Customer Journey - from Check-in to Check-out with Valeria Ossio and Stefan Beyersdorfer. We will have pitches of business cases as a practical reference. We will also introduce a new feature at FirstFriday. You can post your challenges. The interdisciplinary community will then help you to bridge the gap.

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How to start a Startup: your Value Proposition

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