Worum es bei uns geht

How would you like to tell your stories with illustrations of your own?
No matter if your story is sad or funny, thrilling or inspirational, short or long, nor if your drawing style is stick-man, talking heads/ animals or cartoons; you are welcome to meet me up and other like-minded people for a fun gathering.

I, Jess, a graphic novel graduate believe anyone can produce comics with nothing but a good story and supports from friends :)

You can share your doodles from the train rides, lunch breaks or dreams etc. I will also suggest a topic for us to do a short comic strip from, i.e. A Story of A Single Banana, as we share a coffee or tea.

We too will recommend and discuss great graphic novels, graphic novelists, comic artists, movies made from comics and, of course, visually-intriguing books we can illustrate :)

Meetups are usually held in Bern, Zurich, Baden or nearby areas on weekday afternoons.
All you need is a tiny piece of paper and a tool to draw and write with.

Look forward to be making new friends, best regards, Jess!

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