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Founders@UniBwM brings together aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs to meet, share experiences about lessons learned, discuss and collaborate to build a great startup, and to push the startup ecosystem of the University of the Bundeswehr Munich and the Region forward.

This group hosts free events throughout the year where you can learn the best practices of starting a company from people who have been there and done that and from technical, legal and business experts of our university and beyond. You’ll have the opportunity to meet local founders and investors, exchange ideas with experts, get feedback on your idea, participate in startup workshops, and more.

Typical startup event topics include:
• Coming up with a strong startup idea
• Startup legal basics
• How to pitch your startup
• Starting a company without quitting your job
• How to raise (government) funding for your startup
• And much more!

Improve your chances to discover and develop a sustainable business model from the great idea you have by continuous validation and verification of the business model!

Join us!

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InstaText: App for better writing in English


Improve the style and grammar of your texts, making them more professional, readable and understandable.

About the Webinar:

InstaText is a user-friendly writing and editing tool that focuses on rewriting your text so that you are understood and perceived as a professional. InstaText uses artificial intelligence to improve styling and word choice, correct grammatical errors, and enriche your content to make it more readable and understandable. InstaText was named Slovenian start-up of the year 2020.

In this Webinar the App will be presented by Matej Guid, entrepreneur and CEO at InstaText.io. Matej will explain how it works, which advantages it has and will give special discounts for the participants!

About the Speaker:

Matej Guid, Ph.D. has extensive experience as a manager, researcher, mentor, and lecturer in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. He is the founder and CEO of technology start-up companies Avior and InstaText. Matej Guid is also Professor at the University of Ljubljana, where most of his research interests include the development of artificial intelligence methods with application in the construction of expert systems, the development of intelligent tutoring systems, and computer gaming.

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Event will be held in English.

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