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We bring JS heroes and web hackers together.

Our events take place in a period of 2 - 3 months, at different local hosts which are located in northern Bavaria - better known as the beautiful Franconia :)

We love to connect our community with fantastic speakers, open source projects and companies.

Please also note our awesome sponsors which makes our events possible: http://meetup.com/FrankenJS/sponsors

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Spring Break ∙ vue.js ∙ A Journey Into Software Development

ZOLLHOF - Tech Incubator

ℹ️ The cold and dark season is almost over (finally!). Hence it is time to run the first meetup in 2019 🦄 Big thanks to ZOLLHOF for hosting and catering and Senacor and car2go for speakers, travel costs and accommodation. 📅 SCHEDULE • 18.00 - Open Doors + Food 🍕 • 18.25 - Warm Welcome • 18.30 - TBD: topic coming soon … ;) • 19.00 - From Building Molecules to Compiling Code: Breaking Into the Software Industry as a Different Type of Nerd — Dr. Michelle Fernandez Bieber • 19.30 - Break (30 mins) • 20.00 - vue @ car2go — Sumit Kumar • 20.30 - Get drinks & make friends 🍻 📅 TALKS +++ vue @ car2go by Sumit Kumar +++ vue.js is a very popular frontend framework by now although still behind react in usage within companies with scale. Car-sharing company car2go chose vue.js in 2016 as their primary frontend framework for all web applications. This talk is a case study how car2go chose and uses vue and what challenges they faced. Sumit is a Developer Advocate and Frontend Expert currently working as Head of Developer Relations at car2go / SHARE NOW. Previously he built web applications for Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Hugo Boss and others. In his spare time he works on open source software and many side projects like geoman.io 🐦 Sumit on Twitter https://twitter.com/TweetsOfSumit — +++ From Building Molecules to Compiling Code: Breaking Into the Software Industry as a Different Type of Nerd by Dr. Michelle Fernandez Bieber +++ My past life was all about science: I participated in international chemistry olympiads, studied chemistry at university, and did a PhD and postdoc in organic synthesis. A significant number of years in, I’ve changed track dramatically and decided to become a software developer. This talk is about the why, and most importantly the how of my exciting journey into software development, and about my personal experience so far with the tech scene while rebooting my career. I will talk about what I learned along the way, and present some methods for successfully driving change in your personal and professional life, no matter how small or big. I will talk about the technologies and methodologies I focused on, and how they helped me to overcome my fears starting out in the new industry and to feel confident about my skills as a software developer. — Third topic will be announced soon … ❣️ Please respect our code of conduct. We follow the Berlin Code of Conduct https://berlincodeofconduct.org/

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