#CodingNight: open session and 'Digital Quality of Life' special


Let's go into the next round :)

As usual: bring along your laptop, your friend, your cool new projects and don't forget your curiosity for new technologies, frameworks and programming languages.

#CodingNight is as always open to anyone, from beginners to students, to coders with years of experience, employees and freelancers. Code is what unites us! :)

Furthermore we got a special this time about Digital Quality of Life (Gut leben digital). Dr. Stefan Bergheim (https://twitter.com/StefanBergheim), Director of 'Zentrum für gesellschaftlichen Fortschritt e. V. (http://www.fortschrittszentrum.de/de/)' will give a small presentation about this topic. Everybody is welcome to join the discussion with him afterwards!

Here is some more information:
How can we shape digitalisation to improve our quality of life as much as possible?" This is probably the most important question of our times. It guides the new, two-year dialogue process "Gut leben digital” (Digital Quality of Life). Stefan Bergheim, the project-lead and head of the non-profit think-tank “Center for Societal Progress” will spend an hour with us to harvest the collective intelligence of the Frankfurt coding community on this question. The insights will be used in the next steps of the process.
More at www.gutlebendigital.de


For those who want to code...we have several toys to play around with:

• One RaspberryPi

• Estimote Beacons

• One Sphero Robot Ball

Feel free to play around with new things, meet new people and spend a nice Friday evening with beer, pizza and the Coding Night family. :)

Looking forward seeing you!

Code on!
The Coding Night Team