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Hier treffen sich alle Ruby und Ruby on Rails Entwickler und solche die es werden wollen. Ziel ist der Austausch zu aktuellen Themen in der Ruby-Welt. Du bist herzlich willkommen, ob Anfänger oder Profi.

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Ruby Meetup - Juli 2019

CrowdDesk GmbH

Hello Frankfurt Rubyists, after our summer break, it's time to meet up again. The fine people of CrowdDesk are nice enough to host us this time. So let's meet up at the Baseler Straße for some Ruby Talks and Pizza. Talks: - Klaus will show that you do not need a few hundred docker containers to set up a working rails environment on a server that supports rolling releases/zero downtime deploys and will show some best practices. - https://github.com/ruby-frankfurt/talks/issues/8 - Florian will show us some vim tricks for optimizing the workflow for rails projects, and also would like to start a discussion about your best practices) - https://github.com/ruby-frankfurt/talks/issues/9 If you'd like to give a talk on the next meeting, head over to https://github.com/ruby-frankfurt/talks and look for requests or add your own proposal.

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Ruby Meetup - März 2019

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