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Hier treffen sich alle Ruby und Ruby on Rails Entwickler und solche die es werden wollen. Ziel ist der Austausch zu aktuellen Themen in der Ruby-Welt. Du bist herzlich willkommen, ob Anfänger oder Profi.

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Ruby Meetup - März 2019

creditshelf Aktiengesellschaft

Hello Frankfurt Rubyists, wow, those 2 months fly by really quickly. It's time for the march meetup! This time we will meet on March 28th at the creditshelf offices at Mainzer Landstraße 33a. Thanks to Nico and creditshelf for hosting! Timo Sulg will Talk about the DRY.rb ecosystem and how to implement "Pizza as a Service" using 5 of the offered gems (https://github.com/ruby-frankfurt/talks/issues/5) There's still room for another talk. If you'd like to give one, head over to https://github.com/ruby-frankfurt/talks and look for requests or add your own proposal.

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Ruby Meetup - Januar 2019


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