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Running CI on Kubernetes
Summer break is over, but the Kubernetes ecosystem did not stop moving forward. This time we talk about CI and have two great presentations: 1. Gerd Aschemann: Jenkins X - Continuously Driving the Kloud Cloud schreibt man im Zeitalter von Kubernetes mit K! Alle Ressourcen werden dynamisch von Kubernetes verwaltet. Alle? Build und Deployment über verschiedene Stages liegt oft noch außerhalb, z.B. in einem Build-Server und verschiedenen Repositories (Artefakte, Docker-Images). Mit Jenkins-X wandert alles in einen Kubernetes-Cluster und gewinnt so die nötige Dynamik: - Setup der nötigen Infrastruktur in Kubernetes (Jenkins, Nexus, Docker-Registry, ...), - Aufsetzen von Build-Pipelines für jeden Branch und jeden Pull-Request, - Deployment in verschiedene Stages (mit Helm), - Mandantenfähigkeit (Builds und Environments nach Teams unterscheiden), - Steuerung von versionierten Deployment-Konfigurationen (GitOps), - Import von bestehenden Projekten, - Setup neuer Projekte auf Basis gängiger Microservice-Frameworks (z.B. Spring Boot), - u.v.a.m. Jenkins-X kommt als Entwickler-freundliches Command-Line Tool und bündelt eine Vielzahl von Komponenten hinter einer einheitlichen (opinionated) Fassade. Der Vortrag erklärt die Architektur und Konzepte und führt an ein paar kleinen Beispielen typische Use-Cases vor. 2. Tobias Schneck, Loodse: KubeCI - Cloud Native Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes Getting CI/CD pipelines to work on Kubernetes is a tricky endeavor, especially if you are looking for a Cloud Native CI/CD solution. KubeCI is an open source Continuous Delivery system built on Drone for Kubernetes. A simple YAML configuration file is used to the define and execute pipelines inside Kubernetes Pods. We will talk about why CI/CD pipelines are painful today. We will do some live coding, and show you how KubeCI can make a CI/CD deployment on Kubernetes simple. The audience will get insights about why we build KubeCI and how we want to extend it in the future. BIO: Tobias Schneck is a Senior Software Engineer at Loodse. Focusing on test automation and CI projects, he is passionate about the disruptive potential of container technologies and Kubernetes. He is eager to spread the word and knowledge about these technologies to facilitate developers daily life. Tobias has been invited to speak at various conferences and organizes the Agile Testing @ Munich Meetup.


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    This group is about all things around Kubernetes – from using it to deploy apps, over deploying of Kubernetes clusters to development inside of the Kubernetes OpenSource project.

    Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform originally started by Google based on their 10 years of experience managing containers at scale in their datacenters. Compared to other solution it is highly opinionated, based on a number of concepts like pods, services, etc. which are used to build distributed applications. It can be run on-premise, in the cloud or operated by cloud providers as a PaaS-like solution.

    Kubernetes today is a very active OpenSource project with many companies and independent developer contributing.

    Learn more about Kubernetes at http://kubernetes.io (http://kubernetes.io/).

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