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FrauenLoop was created by a Harvard-trained PhD to broaden the range of qualified women entering jobs in the tech industry. Our evening program trains women with resident, immigrant, refugee, non-science, or family-status backgrounds who might otherwise face obstacles to starting or re-entering professional tech roles. We connect EU residents, immigrant, and refugee women career-changers to jobs in web development, data analytics, software quality assurance, and big data management/machine learning.

Our regular program covers practical uses for HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL and more. ***This meetup is strictly for our professional tech training workshops (held on weekends), which cover additional job entry skills that resident and immigrant women need to enter the tech industry.***

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FrauenLoop Coding Inside Out


Women + Technical Interviewing

Wooga (4th foor, meet at reception)

10,00 €
FrauenLoop, QA, and you

Wooga (4th foor, meet at reception)

Workshop Pt 2 - 'Session on presentation skills'

Wooga (4th foor, meet at reception)

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