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Official Vienna Free Code Camp meetup group. Let's get together and learn, share, set up pair-program, and socialize. Learn to code at http://www.freecodecamp.com/ Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/free.code.camp.vienna.austria/

If you want to contribute, see https://github.com/DevelopersRising/DevelopersRising/blob/master/docs/Positions.md

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freeCodeCamp Vienna January Meetup by Developers Rising

Everybody is welcome! NEW LOCATION at CERTIBLE! Organized by the Developers Rising Verein (https://developersrising.herokuapp.com/). We will be coding, so bring your laptops! ______________________________________________________________________ PROGRAM 0. INTRODUCTION 1. Low-Code Web Development & Oracle APEX - talk by Stefan Dobre In this talk, Stefan will dive into the world of low-code and database driven web-development and demonstrate how you can quickly build secure, scalable and production-ready web apps in just minutes, while writing as little code as possible. The technology demoed will be Oracle Application Express (APEX for short), running on a free version of the Oracle Database. 2. GROUP DISCUSSION (optional) If desired, a discussion about design patterns and clean code can be moderated. 3. CODE SESSION Bring your laptops! We will have a coding session. We will either work on freeCodeCamp curriculum together, codebases of attendees, improve or re-factor existing codebases or add features to some of our own projects. 4. SOCIALIZING Getting together and just talking and enjoying the good life. *.OPTIONAL Interested in giving a talk, showcasing a project or little coding thing? Contact us! ______________________________________________________________________ SPONSOR The location this time is provided by Certible. Certible is an independent certification institute based in Vienna, specialization in the IT sector that carries out certification examinations worldwide. As Certification Body, Certible stands for high service orientation, simple and modern examination processing as well as the greatest possible data security. All certificates gain recognition with all quality-oriented IT projects and impress due to their technical know-how as well as their international reputation. In addition to several certification options, an international team of examiners and test centers ensures that examinations can be carried out at any time and any place worldwide. ______________________________________________________________________ Read more about FreeCodeCamp (https://www.freecodecamp.com/) and FreeCodeCamp Local Groups (https://forum.freecodecamp.com/t/free-code-camp-unofficial-local-groups/19536). Find us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/free.code.camp.vienna.austria/), Github (https://github.com/FCCVienna/FCCVienna#standard-program-options) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/freecodecampvie)!

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