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If you are a freelancer or are thinking of becoming a freelancer, this is the group for you. We are freelance software developers working locally and remotely and have some years of experience making it work successfully.
We would like to support the local freelance community by educating and learning from each other.
It doesn't matter what kind of freelancing you do or how long you have been doing it, stop by and share your experiences and learn from us.
We are also very interested in co-working and building products.

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Specializing with Philip Morgan


Hi, Aaron here,
Often when we want to increase our revenue we have two main choices:
1. Hire more people to be able to do more work.
2. Specialize in something so you can charge more for the same amount of time.

I've been following Philip Morgan (author of Specializing Without Failure) for years. I have listened to many of his podcasts and read his books. He is my go to source for strategies about choice number 2 above.

I am very excited to say that he will be at our next meetup talking about how a freelancer can think about specializing.

See you on Zoom!

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