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Welcome to the most active, inspiring Frontend Developer Meetup Community that brings you weekly Virtual Meetups where high Calibre speakers "wow" you with their Frontend related knowledge and experience.

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Frontend Love Meetups is part of the Frontend Love which also runs "wow factor" Javascript Conferences in The Netherlands, read more about Frontend Love Conferences via: https://frontenddeveloperlove.com/about

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JSWORLD Conference - In-Person Conference - Theater Amsterdam

Theater Amsterdam

JSWORLD Conference - In-person Conference at Theater Amsterdam
Website: https://jsworldconference.com

🔥Live & In-Person🔥
🇳🇱 Theater Amsterdam

🗓️ 1-3 June 2022
📺 500m2 Screen
💺Cinema Seating

Watch 20-30 JavaScript Experts share their knowledge in-person on the tremendous stage of Theater Amsterdam during JSWORLD Conference.

Day 1 will dedicated fully to generic JavaScript topics with Day 2 & 3 on Vue as part of Vuejs Amsterdam.

A unique opportunity to attend Amsterdam's In-Person JavaScript Event of 2021 at the most Amazing Venue Ever Seen according to some of our speakers.

#event #events #javascriptconference #frontendlove #reactconferenceamsterdam #jsworld

Vuejs Amsterdam 2022

Theater Amsterdam


Website: https://vuejs.amsterdam/

VUEJS Amsterdam - Vue Community Event of the Year

🔥Live & In-Person🔥
🇳🇱 Theater Amsterdam
🗓️ 2-3 June 2022
👥 Greatest Conference Venue Ever
📺 500m2 Screen
💺Cinema Seating

Vuejs Amsterdam welcomes you back to In-Person Conferences at Theater Amsterdam on 2-3 June 2022. The Road to Vuejs Amsterdam 2022 begins.

Vuejs Amsterdam is live and in-person at Theater Amsterdam on the 2-3 June 2022.

Attend the Vue.js Community Event of the year and celebrate with Vue Communities from all around the globe. Live from Theater Amsterdam either attend live or watch online!

#vuejsamsterdam #vuejsglobal #vue #vue3 #vuejs #conference #linkedinevent #event

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React Conference Live

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