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Amsterdam - Tantra Energy-Sex - Sampler-Intensive Workshop
Tantra Energy-Sex - GAY-TANTRA Sampler-Intensive Workshop in Amsterdam By taking part in the Tantra Energy-Sex workshop you open up new perspectives for your love life. Feel sexually attractive and charged with energy and experience life direct and uncomplicated. ---- EUR 194 [EUR 179 + Fee] - Standard Ticket More Tickets (Standard, Underemployed, Tantric Fellow) with some less transaction fees here: http://bit.ly/2PyQeGX ---- Experience in this sampler-intensive workshop for energy and bodywork beginners and advanced men: - The '5-Step-Program' to let go and dive deep into your body, to release stress, tensions and 'bad emotions', to connect with the spirit, to dive into peace and centeredness, and to start a new life. - Relaxed and deep breathing bringing profound relaxation in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, providing new eyes to look at yourself and friends around. - Genital touch and massage stimulating your pelvic area and your sexual fire. Your relaxed and deep breathing helps to feel the sexual energy in your entire body. - How you can connect your sexual energy with your group practice partner in the so-called 'HeartWave'. The harmonic structure of the sampler-intensive program will give you a taste of the treasures awakening with tantra energy-sex and the GAY-TANTRA path. Upon registration for the sampler-intensive workshop first-time participants will receive for advance familiarization and preparation: - The GAY-TANTRA Instructional Film 'Genital Massage' (running time about 50 minutes) and other Bonus Films for download (all films together value about USD 35). These films allow you to maximize what you will learn and take home from the workshop. Please bring along to our meeting: A blindfold, one large towel (bath towel), a sheet for massage, a sarong (made of cotton or silk) to wear around your hips. If you have: Please pack also your yogamat, a blanket and a meditation pillow / bench. Organizational Details Venue The sampler-intensive workshop takes place in the Practice Space of Helemaal Mona, Tussen de Bogen 31, 1013 JB Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is located in the center of Amsterdam, in 1 kilometer distance of Centraal Station. The Practice Space with its sheltering atmosphere is an ideal place to dive into GAY-TANTRA. Schedule Saturday, Dec 1, 10 am to 6 pm The Sampler-Intensive Workshop will start on time at 10 am and ends on time at 6 pm. Please arrange to arrive about 10 minutes earlier to the beginning ---- EUR 194 [EUR 179,00 + Fee] - Standard Ticket More Tickets (Standard, Underemployed, Tantric Fellow) with some less transaction fees here: http://bit.ly/2PyQeGX ---- Note: Attendees on meetup is not representative for the real event participants list. If you have any questions about age, nudity, sexual orientation, or other obstacles coming up in your mind and emotions, please start a conversation below. xoxo Armin www.gay-tantra.eu

Helemaal Mona

Tussen de Bogen 31 · Amsterdam

194,00 €
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Welcome to the GAY-TANTRA® Group for Germany & Europe!

Dear Friend,
this is a group for anyone who wants to find himself by re-adjusting his body, soul, mind and spirit to grow and regain health. My GAY-TANTRA conveys these techniques in theory and practice with all thoroughness: Modern visual teaching methods, clear general and individual instructions as well as opportunities to practice make GAY-TANTRA learning so unique. I am looking forward to getting in contact with you!

This group is created by me, Armin Heining, Berlin, the creator of GAY-TANTRA on this planet in 1992.

> Take this platform as a valuable opportunity to meet men interested in personal and spiritual growth, Meditation & Tantra, Sexuality & Spirituality.

> Share your ideas, thoughts, make comments, discuss...

> Make new contacts and get new friends!

> Get in direct contact to Armin Heining, international acclaimed instructor, job-trainer and coach.

> Find exclusive information on GAY-TANTRA and related topics.

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Note: If you are especially interested in the topic of 'touch and massage', you can find better groups on meet up. Personal development should be the focus in the GAY-TANTRA group! In general, we would love to see communication on a high level of trust, respect, honesty and love in this group!

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