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The Google Developer Group Karlsruhe is a user-group centered around (but not limited to) topics about Google technologies. We are a community of people interested in modern development and cutting edge technologies. Join us at one of our events and start taking part in a great community of tech enthusiasts.

Organized by:
Sebastian Günther - https://twitter.com/BG0ne
Lukas Funk - https://twitter.com/machtwerk
Christoph Knopf
Sebastian Kühne

Disclaimer: GDG Karlsruhe is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation.

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GDG Karlsruhe April

bluehands GmbH & Co.mmunication KG

This time we will have Sascha Dittmann with a talk about building a robust data pipeline with open-source software.

Thanks to bluehands GmbH for hosting us 


6:30 PM: Doors open

6:45 PM: Orga Intro

7:00 PM: Talk by Sascha Dittmann: Build a Robust Data Pipeline with Open Source Software

Data quality has become a much discussed topic in the fields of data engineering and data science. It’s become clear that data validation is crucial to ensuring the reliability of data products and insights produced by an organisation’s data pipelines.

But can you do it completely with open source software?

Apache Airflow and dbt (data build tool) are among the prominent open source tools in the data engineering ecosystem, and while dbt offers some data testing capabilities, another open source data tool, Great Expectations, enhances the pipeline with data validation and can add layers of robustness.

Join expert Sascha Dittmann to explore the "dAG stack" and learn how to combine the functions of these three open source tools to build, test, validate, document, and orchestrate an entire pipeline, end to end, from scratch.

7:45 PM: Networking


Hosted By

Martina Kraus, Organizer

Christian Liebel, Organizer

Tanja Ulianova, Organizer

Christian Janz, Organizer

Ayden Mohammadi, Organizer

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