Boost Innovation, while staying secure - Experiencing the Shift Left approach!


Der Vortrag wird auf Deutsch gehalten, die Folien sind ggf. Englisch.

A quick go-to-market becomes more and more a key differentiator to stay competitive. Enterprises are shifting their workloads to the cloud to take advantage of the extensive feature set. In many cases the organisational structure is barely prepared for this step.
So we need a change of culture towards a DevSecOps approach where we integrate security measurements, establish security-as-code and help teams to boost innovation while staying secure.
In this presentation I will show how we implement our Shift left! approach and support clients to ship secure software faster!

Sebastian Schäffer, Alice&Bob.Company GmbH
Started my professional career in IT Innovations Consulting and helped big enterprises getting agile, before I started diving into cloud and big data. Since the professionalization of data platforms moves forward, I'm now focussing on cloud security. Innovative and self-conscious technology enthusiast driven by innovation and curiosity. Never stops learning, never stops exploring; always a student. I do what I love: Bringing visionary topics to the present, to help enterprises staying competitive!