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If you live in the Geneva area (Switzerland) and have (or don't have but love) dogs and also love hiking, this is the group for you !

This group is also for you if you are considering getting a dog but not sure what life with a dog in Geneva would entail - join us and we'll be happy to share our experiences.

Let's get together and discover the region with our four-legged companions.

Also find this group on www.glocals.com and on Facebook; "Geneva Hiking with Dogs".

You're welcome to post questions to the rest of the group about hiking with dogs, or just about dogs in general in Geneva!

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Geneva Hiking with Dogs - February Edition - Bois de Jussy, GE

This walk is accessible by Bus C, get off at Jussy-Meurets stop. The meeting point is by the tall trees where you will see benches and bins by the side of the road. For those driving, please park on the grass area in front of the benches. Address for Sat Nav is Chemin des Grands-Bois, 1254, Geneva. On the corner of Chemin de Meurets. GPS coordinates: 46°14'04.7"N 6°16'31.7"E We will meet at 10am. The route is a flat loop and the hike will last around 1.5 hours. Please note that this entire walk is in the forest along a bridle path so we will likely meet horse riders. We will also be walking alongside a horse stables where horses are out in the fields. If your dog is reactive to horses, or will not come back when called, this walk is unadvisable. Alternatively you may wish to keep your dog on a lead. We have often come across wild game in the woods as well, so if your dog will not come back when called from chasing wild animals this walk is unadvised. Parts of this walk are quite muddy. Wellies or good hiking boots are advised. Disclaimer: Please only come if your dog is - - Old enough to walk for 2 hours (no puppies under the age of 10 months, unless you're able to carry them) - Friendly with other dogs - Obedient (good recall, particularly in situations where we may come across wild animals/livestock) - In good health (no diarrhoea, coughing, limping, after an operation, etc) Owners are responsible for their own dogs. Geneva hiking with dogs is a voluntary group and cannot be held responsible for any accidents/incidents during one of its walks. There are times when we will be close to roads/on the road and you will be asked to keep your dog to heel or on lead in high risk areas. If your dog is exhibiting antisocial behaviour you will be asked to put your dog on a lead. Children are welcome on this walk. Please ensure there are enough adults to keep an eye on your children and dogs in order to keep every one safe. Please let me know in advance if your dog has any behavioural issues i.e. Fear of larger dogs, dominance, etc and we can agree if your dog can join but be kept on a lead, muzzled etc.

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Hiking with Dogs - November Edition - Mont Mussy, France

La Ferme de Mont Mussy

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