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Interested in using behavioral economics or psychology to improve customer behavior, public policy or marketing? Come join your fellow enthusiasts for a set of engaging talks and high quality networking.

The Geneva Behavioral Economics Network provides the opportunity for networking, sharing contacts or knowledge, finding partners to work with, and bringing together the latest ideas from scientific behavioral research with the business and government experts who can apply it in the real world.

The Nobel laureates Daniel Kahneman, George Akerlof, Vernon Smith, Reinhard Selten and Bob Shiller have laid the foundation for behavioral economics. The internationally renowned economics professors Richard Thaler (University of Chicago), George Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon University), Colin Camerer (CALTECH), Dan Ariely (Duke University) and Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich, MIT) have significantly contributed to the development of behavioral economics, bringing practical applications to business and politics.

The idea is to follow the example of the Zurich Behavioral Economics Network and serve as a platform for the exchange between science and practice. We invite speakers who want to share their knowledge and experience in the practical application and evidence-based research of behavioral economics.

This is open to anyone who is interested in this fascinating and fast developing field. Managers, politicians, scientists, students and of course anyone else!

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