This August: Are You Gonna Go My Way?

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Folks, the entrance to the lab is here: We will be on the ground floor.

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Geo lovers... Welcome!
We would like to invite you to the next Geo Berlin meetup: summer edition.

#When? August 7th | Wednesday | 7pm , 19.00
#Where? MHPLab
#Softdrinks: Sponsored by MHPLab

#Ed Freyfogle: "Geocoding with open data" (20min)

For the past five years we (OpenCage) have run a public, commercial geocoding API based on open data (OpenStreetMap, but also others).
This talk will explore some of the many challenges and lessons learned along the way.

Ed Freyfogle is co-founder of and has for many years organized

#Riccardo Klinger: "Web Services Comparison: How far can you go and what is the price to pay for knowing" (20min)

An insight into different isochrone service providers, their performance and price schemes. And last but not least: Why you should care.

Riccardo is a digital geographer and loves to play around with spatial data, web services and cartographic representation. He uses both commercial and open source GIS and likes to show you how to do this as well.

#Michael Marz: “ ready to use global OSM data extracts of everything“ (20min)

Downloading OSM data is one part of the game. But if you would like to extract some ready to use informative data like "streets" or other infrastructure for larger areas you might face some problems in terms of data structure as well as the size of the data. might come in handy for this.

Michael is a core member of the geo Berlin Geokollektiv and is obsessed with geospatial information systems and OSM data.

# TBD:
please use our form if you like to present your ideas, problems, solutions:

After the talks we will have the chance to chill a bit on the terrace and enjoy our very spatial conversations.

As we are at a new location this time, we would like to inform you, that the host might take some pictures and we hope you're fine with this. Furthermore we are looking for a beer and/or pizza sponsor. Any contribution is highly appreciated and will be recognized.

Best regards,

Michael and Riccardo