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In this globalised world we wish to connect Start-up groups on an international basis. Germany and China are one of the top destinations for Start-up entrepreneurs. We wish to connect the very innovative Start-up communities in Berlin with those in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and vice versa. Please join our group, espcially since the the largest Consumer Electronic Expo in the world, the IFA Berlin, is now also expanding into China - on April 22-24, 2016 under the name of CE CHINA 2016 at the Convention Center in Shenzhen. A great opportunity to meet your peers in southern China (incl. Hong Kong) - the most innovative region in the world.

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If you are looking for startup partners from Germany, Europe, or China - or if you just want to introduce and discuss your new startup project - or if you just want to meet new people form the East and the West, join us!

Please join our new group, so we can plan our first networking Meetup
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Start-Up entrepreneurs, please let me have your input regarding this new group. Who plans to attend the new IFA event in China: the CE CHINA 2016 in Shenzhen ?

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