Worum es bei uns geht

This MeetUp addresses Agile Coaches, Team Developers, Virtual Facilitators, Team Developers, Trainers and all kind of people working in distributed teams who are interested in improving the way of virtual collaboration in their teams.

As this groups claims for “VIRTUAL” we will meet purely virtually leveraging Zoom or other tools which are around already or evolving. We will learn about simple and sophisticated, more general or even really highly specialized tools which are applicable in virtual work environments. Tools are not primarily meant as technical tools even we aim to learn about them – of course! Tools can be exercises and methods f.e. from frameworks like Design Thinking, Theory U, Scrum, KanBan or just a way to approach a certain task in a virtual environment.

We will get interactive presentations, share experience and learn and get mutual help from the other participants f.e. with interactive formats like a case clinic.

Even this MeetUp aims to create a local community and exchange participants outside of Frankfurt-area are equally welcome. And of course we will invite presenters from all over the globe to let us experience their solutions.

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