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A Meetup group for people to have a hearty chat and making new friends. The only requirement is for you to be a good listener!

The highest goal of this Meetup group is to create a space where people feel safe to open up to talk about feeling and feel "seen" in a conversation. We are trying to develop a friendship based on positivity, vulnerability and consistency - having fun together, open up and get accepted as who you are, and lastly keep that going by coming back to the future events :)

If you are excellent conversationalists, please come and share your gift with us. However, if you are a bit like me, sometimes running out of things to talk. Please check out my questions list here (pdf): https://goo.gl/ByqDfr
Or download a conversation starter app - Talk with me (Android) : https://goo.gl/zjfhqe


- You must reserve your spot using the Meetup App.
- I will not be at the Meetup if there is no reservation (no walk-in please).
- If you couldn't attend to Meetup please let me know ASAP.
- This is an English speaking event (not a language exchange).
- This is not a networking event, any person attending the event with attention to sell any product or service will be asked to leave.
- As some discussion topics could be sensitive. So please kindly ask for permission first before taking any photo and video at the event, especially if you aim to post on Social Media.

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Meeting New Friends

Kad Suan Kaew

Are you currently living in Chiangmai and wanting to have a hearty chat with someone and making new friends in the process? Welcome to Good Listeners Club, a space where people can feel safe to open up to talk about feeling and feel "seen" in a conversation. We don't discuss Religion and Politic here. Anyone is welcome as long as you are willing to listen to others without putting your own judgements and beliefs on them - be kind and open-minded and receive the same respect and acceptance in return :) We will be meeting at the sitting area behind the Vanila Cafe (please see the map). It is on B1 floor of Kad Suan Kew Shopping Centre. From Tops, walk up till the end of the food court, then turn left, walk up the stairs and and look to your right. Feel free to bring your dinner in, there is usually a night market outside Kad Suean Keaw on Friday night :) **Instructions** - You must reserve your spot. - I will not be at the meeting spot if there is no reservation (no walk in please). - If you couldn't attend to meetup please let me know ASAP. - This is a religion and politic neutral group, we are here to listen and support others without imposing our beliefs and judgement on anyone. - This is an English speaking event (not a language exchange). - This is not a networking event, any person attending the event with attention to sell any product or service will be asked to leave. - This community is based on trust. Please respect others privacy and keep all discussions confidential. Please ask for permission before talking any photo or video.

Loi Krathong Night Out!

Stay Here Hostel

It's the magical time of the year - Loi Krathong! Let's make Krathongs together (floating flower baskets) and join me for a fun night out to release our Krathongs and fly Sky Lanterns at Ping River! I and Sue wish you to experience Loi Kratong the Thai way, the fun way - learning the real history and tradition while making your own Krathongs. Hear funny stories, playing games, let's make a night to remember! 😄 No Walk-in please! You MUST register using: https://forms.gle/q6dyVbYLCJmfjkAF8 This is a FREE event. However, if you wish to make a Krathong, it will be 100 bahts per Krathong to cover the cost. We just need number of participants for better planning and possibly to save you some money - like organising Red Truck/Grab Car sharing etc. We DON'T count those who just click "Going" as participants. Please use the form: https://forms.gle/q6dyVbYLCJmfjkAF8 ==PLAN FOR THE EVENING== + Part 1 - Krathong Making Workshop At 4pm, we will meet at Stay Here Hostel. My friend will teach you how to make Authentic eco-friendly Kratongs from natural materials. If you want to make Krathong, you must select this option on the registration form so that we could order-in the right amount of raw materials (booking for Krathong making close one day before the event) . For any cancellation, please let us know ASAP 🙏 - Please beware that banana sap can ruin your clothes if not handle properly. Wear clothes that you won't cry over if it get ruined. ☺️ - If you wish to go to release the Kratong at Ping river with us, please wear comfortable walking shoes. If you don't want to make your own Kratong that's fine. You can come to the hostel, hang out with us and we will go for dinner together. There is a nice restaurant down the road. Alternatively there is also a vegan restaurant next-door. At the hostel we got coffee, soft-drink, beer and snacks available for purchase. + Part 2 - Going to Ping River At 6.30pm, After dinner, we will reunit at the hostel and organise transportation to the river. Currently I'm waiting for the official event schedule. Once I got the info, I will announce the details about the walking route. We will release the Krathongs and fly Sky Lanterns together near Nawarat Bridge. Wish you all can join us! + Note 11/11/2019 is not parade night. We specifically chosen this date to avoid the crowd.

Singles Gathering Chiang Mai

Stay Here Hostel

You MUST reserve your spot by filling in this form: https://forms.gle/WkB6RacDTZ63C54o6 Join us for a fun gathering for singles with no distraction of Social Media! Meeting nice new people over a good cup of coffee. A safe space to enjoy a good ol' chat and making new friends. There are a few prerequisites: + Be a good listener with an open mind - don't judge a book by its cover 😉 + Open up and be your authentic self! - your imperfections are what makes you truly beautiful ❤️ + Enjoy the moment, please avoid using mobile devices and don't take any photos or videos during the event. The event will be divided into 4 parts 1. The registration - you get a name tag and a stick to show your dating preferences (straight or GLBT) 2. The ice breaker - games that we will all play to loosen up and have a laugh. 3. The speed chatting - a chance to chat to as many people as you can. The bell will ring and you will swap partner. 4. The open floor - chat with anyone you like as long as you like. Exchange details if you wish. The participation fee is 100 bahts per person which includes a free cup of coffee (tea or soft drink). Important notice + No walk-in! You MUST reserve your spot by filling in the form: https://forms.gle/WkB6RacDTZ63C54o6 +As we want to ensure that there are a match for everyone. We will notified you by Email prior to the event whether there is enough people registered who matched your preferences. Thank you for reading. Looking forward to see you at the event!

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