Worum es bei uns geht

the world is full of data and making knowledge out of chaos can be the game changer for your company, your career or your personal life.
The field of data science is just as broad and versatile as you can imagine. Keeping up with all the developments in different fields is a challenge.
The meetup is meant as a place to exchange information, experiences, share insights... No matter if you are a newbie to the field and interested or a senior professional, I am sure, all of us can benefit from exchange.
So be it statistics, data mining, machine learning, big data, AI, data presentation, R, Python ... for now, let's profit from human intellegence.
German or english...

The regular meetup will be paused for a while ( unless I hear some objections). We want to plan a series of talks and lectures 3-4 times a year ( kind of mini-conference). If you want to give a talk, please contact me.

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Hastie's "Intro to Stats learning" chapt. 6+7: regularization + beyond linearity

we will continue our walkthrough Hastie's Introduction to statistical learning

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