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We are a community of tech enthusiasts interested in programming. We provide a place to explore the Rust language (https://www.rust-lang.org/) together, give and listen to talks on interesting topics around its ecosystem and organize workshops for this exciting new language. In particular:

• We meet every last thursday of the month at lab10 (https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4028979389)

• English is the preferred language. If every participant speaks German, we occasionally switch to German.

• We mainly do talks, but occasionally, we are going to do coding dojos, jeopardies or lightning talks.

• Slides will be published in our github repository (https://github.com/rust-user-group-graz)

Interested in the language? Feel free to join us. Even if you have no experience with rust, we hope to provide a good discussion environment for everyone. Just drop by and share your opinions and knowledge. We are all learning from each other!

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Data types and Trait std::iter::Iterator

lab10 - Incubator & Coworking Space

We are back! On 25th of July 2019, we are going to start our monthly series on introductory rust topics. In particular, Lukas is going to talk about “Data types and Trait std::iter::Iterator”: * integers, 128-bit integers * usize * floating point numbers (IEEE 754) * bool, char, string * unit, never * const declarations * pointer, references * struct and enum * array and vector * slice, tuple * type-theoretical properties of rust data types * comparison with other programming languages * std::iter::Iterator trait and its methods (zip, map, filter, fold, inspect, comparisons, indexing, sorting, …) Join us! The talk will be about the fundamentals of rust. However, some knowledge about programming is required. So you are expected to know under which circumstances float/int should [not] be used 😊

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Testing Distributed and Concurrent Systems in Rust

lab10 - Incubator & Coworking Space

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