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We are Simply Tuning-inđŸŽ¶ - an international singing group with members from all over the world. We primarily rehearse in English and German, but all languages are welcome. This group is like no other in Berlin. The group takes part in weekly singing lessons as well as a weekly rehearsal for our choir.đŸ–ïžđŸšŽ But for us, this is more than just a singing group. It’s a group of friends that can gather together and make memories, and all friendly, music loving people are welcome to join. We sing with body movement, emotion and without shame. We encourage people to sing with us, to improve, and to believe in the unique beauty of their voice. Everyone is welcome to join us, no matter which level you are at. If that all sounds interesting, please come by! We have group voice lessons on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and our choir rehearses on Tuesdays after the group lesson. We also have an Open Mic Night once per month as well, that everyone is invited to.

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Gesangsworkshop: Wie singt man schön?


Hallo! Mein Name ist Jared, ich komme aus den USA und ich bin ein ausgebildeter OpernsĂ€nger, Synchronsprecher und Gesangslehrer hier in Berlin. Ich habe mit einem neuen Konzept angefangen: Gesangsunterricht in Gruppen! Ich habe oft gehört, dass der Gesang zu lernen einfach zu teuer ist und jetzt in Gruppen ist das möglich etwas GĂŒnstiges anzubieten. Die Stunde kostet nichts, aber es gibt eine empfohlene Spende von 10 Euro. Es ist mir wichtiger, dass Leute kommen, die Lust haben, als geld zu verdienen. Wenn jemand unbedingt singen lernen will und kein Geld hat, ist das kein Ding. Der Workshop ist fĂŒr alle, egal die Erfahrung. Gesundes Singen ist universal, egal was man singt und ich kenne niemanden, der das immer Perfekt macht. Ich hoffe mitzuteilen, was ich durch Erfahrung und Studium gelernt habe und denn mit euch was auszuprobieren. Es ist sehr schwierig, vor Anderen (besonders Fremden!) zu singen und böse Kommentare sind ĂŒberhaupt nicht willkommen! Niemand wird bezwungen, alleine vor Anderen zu singen, aber das wĂ€re möglich, wenn ihr das möchtet. Wenn der Unterricht dir gefĂ€llt, bitte schau dir unsere andere Veranstaltung am Dienstag an. Wir machen zusammen einen Choir mit der englischen Gruppe. Ich bringe eine Mini-Keyboard als Begleitung mit und wir werden 2 Lieder singen und lernen, wie man das schön macht. Alle, die Lust haben sind willkommen und die Stunde wird auf Deutsch angeboten. Englisch ist meine Muttersprache, und wenn ihr lieber den Unterricht auf Englisch gerne hĂ€ttet, haben wir auch Donnerstags Unterricht auf Englisch. Fragen auf Englisch sind immer willkommen. Ich werde auch Tee dabei haben, fĂŒr die, die ein bisschen Öl fĂŒr die Stimme brauchen :P. Der Plan fĂŒr den nĂ€chsten Unterricht steht unten. Bis dann! Jared ---------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Min Vorstellung: Dein Körper als Instrument, die Instrumentteile, der Atem, was bedeutet es “gut zu Singen?” 10 Min. Einsingen Warum singen wir ein? Was sind die StimmfĂ€cher? Was mache ich mit meinem Körper? Gute Spannungen, schlechte Spannungen, Muskeln entspannen und StimmbĂ€nder zu aufzuwĂ€rmen 20 Min. Lied 1: Alouette Legato (was ist es?), Wir sollen an den Text denken, um zu kommunizieren. Wenn wir nichts erwarten, wird unser Ton schöner. Ein bisschen bewegen gehört auch dazu. Partnersingen. 5 Min Runde zum Nachdenken: Was hat funktioniert? Was nicht? Was sind meine Probleme beim Singen? 20 Min. Lied 2: Take me home country roads Was ist der Grund dieses Liedes? Warum der Text der Weg zum gesunden Singen ist. -5 Min das Lied lernen -5 Min legato: Wie das ein Lied schön macht 10 Min: Gruppensingen/Solosingen (wenn wir das wollen), wir versuchen alle Konzepten zu verwenden, im Laufe des Singens.

Group singing lessons in Berlin!


I'm proud to announce a new class starting on Tuesdays! I'm now offering a second lesson in English on the topic of the week. Hi! My name is Jared from the US and I'm a voice teacher, professional classical singer, and voice actor here in Berlin. I'm beginning with a new concept of offering group voice lessons, to keep prices low for people who want to learn to sing. The class is free, but there is a recommended donation of 10 euros for those that can donate. Having people that are interested and enthusiastic is the most important thing for me, and if money is an issue, please come. It truly is a donation. This class will be for people of all singing abilities (including first timers!), and the concepts taught are universal and relatable. Singing in front of others is a very vulnerable thing to do, so those giving negative judgment will be heavily discouraged. There will be no mandatory singing alone in front of the class, but that will be available for those that want it. I will bring a small travel keyboard, and we will sing 2 songs together and talk about how to make them sound as best as they can. Anyone is welcome and all singing abilities are also welcome. The class begins at 18:30 and will be taught in English. I speak fluent German, and questions in German during the lesson are always welcome. If you are wanting to have a lesson in German, please check out our event on Mondays at the same time. If you enjoyed the class, please consider joining the community! We have a choir that meets just after this meetup, so please stay if you had a nice time! This class is advertised in many places, and we do have many regulars that come and don't sign up. The number signed up on Meetup won't necessarily reflect the true number that come. This week sees the return of the original lesson that started it all! For a look into the history of the class, check out our lesson this week! Jared ********************************************************************************* 5 Min introduction: Your body as an instrument, The parts of the instrument, Breathing, what is good singing actually? 10 Min. Warmup what is the purpose of warming up? What are voice types? Get your body involved, Good tensions, bad tensions, relaxation of muscles and stretching of vocal cords 20 Min. Song number 1: Alouette Legato. Focus on text to communicate and abandonment of focus on being beautiful. In order to sound beautiful, you have to give up on sounding beautiful. Dance and move around. Partner up and sing to the other person. 5 Min reflect: What worked? What didn’t work? What do I struggle with? 20 Min. Song 2: Take me home country roads What is the message of this song? Why the text of the song is our gateway to healthy singing. -5 Minutes teaching the song (starting with speaking the words!) -5 Minutes legato: connecting the notes and making small changes in the moment to keep it alive -10 Minutes: Volunteers that want to sing in groups or in front of the class for encouragement and feedback

Group singing lessons Choir!


Hi! My name is Jared from the US and I'm a voice teacher, professional classical singer, and voice actor here in Berlin. Through this meetup group I've been offering voice lessons for the past several months and I thought it would be nice to have a choir for the voice lesson group to meet together and just sing. The rehearsals are led in English, but it is important to me that German speaking people feel welcome and questions in German are encouraged. I hope that this choir will help connect the German and English speaking corners of Berlin. Here is the official new schedule: Monday: German voice class at 20:00 Tuesday: Group singing choir at 20:00 Thursday: English voice class at 20:00 There is no recommended donation. The choir is supported by the voice classes on Monday and Thursday and by people who study voice with me privately. I will provide tea, so if you take some, please consider donating a euro or two. I'm more of a voice teacher than a choir director, but I have experience singing in professional choirs over the last 15 or so years, as well as some community choir conducting experience and feel comfortable in front of a choir. Anyone of any experience level is welcome, and there is no mandatory attendance. Here are the songs we are currently preparing if you want to listen: The Road Home SATB: Stephen Paulus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbwhSP3ZIq4 Somewhere over the Rainbow SB: Arranged by me (no youtube link, it's a new song!) Look forward to seeing you there! Jared

Master Class/Open Mic Night!


The last Thursday of every month will be a chance for people who study with me to sing for each other and for us to give constructive feedback. Everyone is welcome to come and watch and comment, and if you are wanting to sing in the master class (in the future), you have to attend at least one group singing class, and then take your free half hour voice lesson with me. So there is no cost commitment, but a bit of a time commitment if you want to take part. There will be no donations for this event taken. I want this to be a social event, so please bring snacks and drinks. Let's make this a fun and relaxed way to support each others' singing. People will perform their song, receive comments from the audience, and then I'll work with the people on their songs for the rest of their time slot. We will begin at 20:00 and there will be six 15-minute time slots. I'll update the event page when the schedule is set.

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