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Growing Together Network is a space where anyone can come to
-- Get Inspired and Empowered
-- Turn your Ideas into Reality and
-- Build a Successful Life, Achieve your goals, Living a Life you LOVE.
Every single one of us has the ability to achieve great things....we are all Ordinary People, here to create EXTRA- Ordinary things!!
Let’s be DARING, Courageous and DISRUPTIVE - -
Listen to your Dreams! Put action to what you WISH you were doing!
Let's grow together in empowering mindset, in encouraging language, in skills to Go and Get what we want in life.
The Life-Long Learner Journey can be challenging, so let's come together and stir each other up and achieve those dreams! It's definitely more fun and effective when we walk it out together.

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I Dream of Travel

Pullman Cairns International

Have you ever had a desire to travel? Are you interested in new languages, foods, scenery, experiences? Even if you don't wish to leave the comfort of your own home town it's worth coming out for the night to dream with us about all things travel. Our first guest speaker! The beautiful and adventurous Chrissi will tell about her life of travel.. from combi vans to french art classes and partying in Hawaii. It's not just that she has amazing stories! She has a great energetic vibe and a big heart. I know she will inspire you. Let's dream.. and make plans.. ..And, of course, we will also enjoy our great crowd of Go-Getters and our beautiful venue. We will have Happy Hour drinks and tapas as usual. We are creating our own space: great connections and good times with intentional learning moments that are meant to propel us into action and get that extra bit of value out of life, starting from today!

Bloom Inspiring Wellness Expo

JCU Cairns

Hi everyone! I've decided to advertise this as a GTN event. Why not? It's a whole weekend about growth and discovery 😊 I'll be speaking on the Sunday at the Passion Lab, but will also be attending various workshops on Saturday, plus I'll be watching the E-motion movie. Buy a ticket and join me! Who's in? 😁 https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/bloom-inspiring-wellness-tickets-65099085116?mc_cid=dce8038847&mc_eid=8970934f9e

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Grab the Best out of Life - NOW!

Pullman Cairns International

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