4. HANA Tech Night Mannheim (2020 Q1)

HANA Developers Mannheim
HANA Developers Mannheim
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Julius-Hatry-Straße 1 · 68163 Mannheim

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The event is in room C4 of Bauteil C within Mafinex

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* 17:45 Doors open
* 18:00 Start of HANA Tech Night
* 18:15 Talk 1 "What's new in SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment (aka. Steampunk) 2002" by Andre Fischer
* 19:00 Talk 2 "Unleash the Beast" by Soeren Schlegel
* 19:30 Pizza & networking
* 20:15 Talk 3 "Location Analytics with SAP HANA Spatial" by Mathias Kemeter
* 20:45 Have a drink and have fun

We have room for max. 50 participants.

* Talk 1 "What's new in SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment (aka. Steampunk) 2002"
* by Andre Fischer
With the latest release 2002 the development of applications using RAP became even more convenient. In my session I want to show in a life demo the development of an application using the ABAP RESTful Programming Model (RAP) that makes use of SAP HANA underneath the new cloud based ABAP stack.

#Bio - Andre Fischer
I am working for SAP SE as a SAP Technology Ambassador and Product Manager for SAP Gateway and the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment. I am working on the topic of OData Service development since the launch of the SAP Gateway in 2011 and co-author of the SAP PRESS book "SAP Gateway and OData".

* Talk 2 "Unleash the Beast"
* by Soeren Schlegel
Bringing ABAP and SQLScript together. A talk about AMDP and CDS Table Functions.
Some historical Information About how HANA and ABAP grew together from past to present. Also learn what technical posibilies you have to Access HANA native Functions directly from your ABAP based Application.

#Bio - Soeren Schlegel
SAP Developer since 2011
SAP Trainer since 2013
Trainer for ABAP on HANA since 2014

* Talk 3 "Location Analytics with SAP HANA Spatial"
* by Mathias Kemeter
In this talk Mathias Kemeter will present SAP HANA Spatial and some recent enhancements in the area of geospatial clustering.

The geospatial capabilities of SAP HANA are a not-so-hidden gem amongst HANA’s multi-model processing engines. For those who haven’t heard yet, SAP HANA offers spatial datatypes and processing algorithms for creating sophisticated in-database spatial analytics and connecting expert GIS systems such as Esri ArcGIS.

With SAP HANA Spatial being an out-of-the-box database engine, you can inject the geospatial dimension into your applications or analytical models. HANA’s proven qualities as well as the transparent combination of relational, spatial, graph and unstructured document data are the door-opener for creating a 360 view on your business data.

#Bio - Mathias Kemeter
Mathias has more than 10 years experience in developing and implementing mathematical business software. He held various roles such as Software Developer, Business Consultant and Project Lead.

Today, he is leading the development of SAP HANA Spatial.


Parking and hotel information can be found on our official SAP Community wiki page "HANA Tech Nights Mannheim 2020":

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