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Do you want to shape the future of insurance together with other Fintech-Enthusiast? Are you curious and open to sharing your knowledge and expertise? Then join the HITS network of corporates, startups, and partners, where creativity and open innovation has taken place!
Founded in December 2019: House of Insurtech Switzerland AG (HITS) is a subsidiary of Generali (Switzerland) Holding Ltd. and has operated as an independent limited company since 1 December 2019. HITS is located in the Innovation Garage in the Generali building in Adliswil. The newly founded company is an insurtech hub that brings together companies, start-ups**,** and investors.
The network currently has more than a dozen start-ups with knowledge from various areas of technology including blockchain, AI and digital payment. Partnerships with universities, technology providers, incubators, and accelerators complement the ecosystem. Innovation is offered within the network as a service to companies.
More information on houseofinsurtech.ch

Join us on our monthly Insurtech-Breakfast

The HITS Insurtech Breakfast is hosted by HITS – House of Insurtech Switzerland and will take place every month. So please grab a coffee and join our us to discuss with us and proven experts on current and exciting topics around innovation and insurance.

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