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Let's discuss and experience the newest developments of Technology in the HR area. Tech developments for improving working together and creating an inspiring work environment in which it is easier to excel, experiencing great teamwork, and delivering results that are meaningful. What works, how do we make it work better? HR Pro's to be informed on latest developments AND Let's also create an ecosystem of great HR Tech companies that serve the same clients. Be sure we work together, know of each others' existence and make the lives of our customers easier! Making HR & Tech create, learn & work together!

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Natural Language Processing & the coolest tools from UNLEASH Paris 2019

After having spent the summer period on speaking with experts in the HR tech area we are convinced that zooming in on Natural Language Processing (NLP) is key. How do we use the computer's ability to understand the meaning of what you say (live or in writing)? We'll show current user cases & products in recruitment, in risk management and the engagement area. We'll show the details of how it actually works and brainstorm on what the future will bring. We'll have our dialogue groups afterwards to exchange ideas, foreseen risks and opportunities. And of course we will ask 2 or 3 experts that have been @UNLEASH Paris (half October) to give their top 3 of coolest tools they have seen and explain why they think this is cool or something you need to look at. Come and join us! More details will be revealed in the coming weeks. Reserve your spot since we are always ending up with a waiting list. Warm Regards, Wendy, Barbara, Siert, Ryan, Babet.

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