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Feel free to bring in your projects (in any programming language you like) or tasks to hack on or discuss it here or in the google group beforehand to give others the opportunity to prepare some stuff. If you have no idea, what to do, no problem: Simply come and join a group of hackers with an idea, you like to support. This event is "open end", you can attend as long as you like! Our sponsor, the CSS Versicherung AG, gives us rooms, WiFi, drinks, snacks and a Pizza for everybody! Registering for this event is optional, but helps me with my planning task. Please take a look at our photo album called "How to find us (http://www.meetup.com/Hackergarten-Luzern/photos/25739213/)" (four photos) to easier find the place, where we meet, because it is not in the main building of the CSS Versicherung AG. For more information about Hackergarten visit the official Hackergarten website at: http://hackergarten.net

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Hackergarten is a craftmen's workshop, classroom, a laboratory, a social circle, a writing group, a playground, and an artist's studio. Our goal is to create something that others can use; whether it be working software, improved documentation, or better educational materials. Our intent is to end each meeting with a patch or similar contribution submitted to an open and public project. Membership is open to anyone willing to contribution their time.

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