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Hacking Health is designed to improve healthcare by inviting technology creators and healthcare professionals to collaborate on realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line problems.

Our hackathons and workshops are fun, intense, hands-on events where small teams tackle tough problems in a supportive community of peers and mentors.

The goal is a 100+ person hackathon in 2017 in Berlin.

We're also bootstrapping communities in Paris and Zurich this year in Europe - it's a movement. And you've just become part of it!

Thanks again for joining, please share your projects and ideas freely, and send us any questions you might have.

More info where it all started: www.hackinghealth.de (http://hackinghealth.de)

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Prevention and Digital Health: From wearables to evidence-based medicine

ThoughtWorks Berlin Deutschland GmbH

(Siehe unten für Deutsch.) Please note that presentations will be held in GERMAN. This event is FREE, but places are limited, so register at Eventbrite to guarantee your place: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pravention-und-digital-health-meetup-hacking-health-berlin-tickets-69570815181 ----------- There are tons of healthcare apps out there promising to improve your life and health. But are they any good? Is it a good idea to let them collect your data? And can they really help you stay—or finally become—healthier than before? According to a new German draft law, the answer is “YES.” The Digitale-Versorgung-Gesetz (DVG), championed by German Health Minister Jens Spahn, would allow doctors to prescribe the use of technology like health tracking apps. Supporters say it represents a significant step towards bringing healthcare in sync with an increasingly digital world. The DVG is likely to be passed into law later this year. But how would it look in practice? And what does it mean for patient privacy—and patient outcomes? Join Hacking Health Berlin for a discussion of digital health technologies, the DVG, and their implications for the wider healthcare system. You'll have the chance to hear and chat with the following speakers: Berlin Partner: Introduction of the Cluster for Healthcare Industry Berlin-Brandenburg—HealthCapital Lara Maier, Doctor for Prevention and Lifestyle Medicine, Hacking Health Berlin: "The Future of Digital Precision Medicine and Uses in Preventive Care" Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas P. Zahn, director of the fib Research Insitute at bbw University and Director of GeWINO at AOK Nordost: "The DVG: Using Long-Term Billing Data—An Overview of the German Research Data Center HLaN" Dr. Henrik Matthies, Managing Director, Health Innovation Hub des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit: "Intro into 2020—oder Introduction to Digital Health Care in Germany" Paul Burggraf, Co-Founder and COO, mHealth Pioneers/Thrive: "Data Availability and Data Sensoring Technology" Jesaja Brinkmann, Co-Founder und Managing Director, Cara Care Isam Haddad, Co-Founder und CEO, Baze Markus Dahlem, Co-Founder und Managing Director, M-Sense This event is supported by the Cluster for Healthcare Industry Berlin-Brandenburg—HealthCapital. ------ DEUTSCH: (Alle Vorträge werden auf DEUTSCH gehalten.) Dieses Event ist kostenlos, aber Plätze sind begrenzt. Bitte meldet euch daher verbindlich bei Eventbrite an um euch einen Platz zu sichern: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pravention-und-digital-health-meetup-hacking-health-berlin-tickets-69570815181 Es existieren inzwischen tausende von Healthcare-Apps mit dem Versprechen, dein Leben oder zumindest deine Gesundheit zu verbessern. Aber was können sie wirklich? Warum solltest du deine eigenen Daten aufzeichnen? Und werden sie dir tatsächlich dabei helfen, gesünder als zuvor zu werden und zu bleiben? Laut einem neuen Gesetzentwurf ist die Antwort „Ja“. Das „Digitale-Versorgungs-Gesetz“ (DVG), eingebracht von Jens Spahn, dem deutschen Bundesminister für Gesundheit, ermöglicht z.B. das Verschreiben von solchen Apps auf Rezept. Es stellt einen wichtigen Schritt dar, um das Gesundheitswesen mit der sich rapide entwickelnden digitalen Welt zu synchronisieren. Das DVG wird sehr wahrscheinlich bald im deutschen Bundestag verabschiedet. Doch wie wird das Gesetz in der Praxis aussehen? Und was bedeutet das für die Privatsphäre von Patienten – und deren Therapieerfolg? Sei mit Hacking Health Berlin dabei bei unserer Diskussion zum Thema „Prävention und Digital Health“ und dessen Auswirkungen auf das deutsche Gesundheitssystem. Die Veranstaltung wird durch das Cluster Gesundheitswirtschaft Berlin-Brandenburg–HealthCapital unterstützt.

Hacking Health: Artificial Pancreas Meet-up in Barcelona

Centre Cívic Sagrada Família

After 2018's first successfull Artificial Pancreas meetup in Berlin, we cordially invite you to the second get-together in beautiful Barcelona! This half-day session is for everybody - Type 1s, Type 2s, Type Fs, doctors and other health care professionals, researchers, tech experts, and other curious minds - who intend to learn about the "Artificial Pancreas" or"Closed Loop Insulin Delivery System". Various speakers will share their perspective of the #WeAreNotWaiting movement and their experiences with the "Do it Yourself-Artificial Pancreas" (DIYAPS) as patient innovators, people with diabetes, caregivers, researchers, and clinicians. This <+> Hacking Health event is powered and co-organized by the OPEN project consortium (www.open-diabetes.eu), the Endocrinology Department of Parc Tauli Hospital Universitari Sabadell and the Nightscout Foundation. Full agenda and Tickets: https://bit.ly/2LT0V5O Nos alegramos de su visita!

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Clinical Artificial Intelligence Conference & Datathon

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

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