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[EN] Asynchronous messaging with Rebus
Asynchronous messaging with Rebus There is a fairly widespread consensus, that the cool architecture for larger projects is not monolithic. Likewise, it seems most software development teams buy in to the idea, that the Bounded Context concept from Domain-Driven Design is the way to go when deciding on how to slice up the cake. But how are your services/autonomous components/microservices/whatever-you-call-them supposed to communicate, then? For synchronous request/response, we have HTTP, which by now has become ubiquitous – but the landscape is more varied when we need to figure out how to handle the asynchronous part of the communication. Rebus (https://github.com/rebus-org/Rebus) is a .NET-based implementation of several asynchronous messaging patterns, which can abstract message queues and persistence mechanisms away, thus making it easier and less painful to implement the asynchronous part of an architecture. This is what we are going to talk about :) Speaker bio: Mogens (https://twitter.com/mookid8000) is the owner of Rebus.FM (https://rebus.fm), the commercial complement to the open source (and completely free) .NET service bus implementation, Rebus, which he happens to be the author of. He likes to use contemporary databases and vintage architecture principles to build distributed systems in enterprisey environments, which he has done for more than 10 years now, primarily within the financial and commodity trading domains. As a member of the core committee of "Aarhus .NET User Group" (https://www.meetup.com/anugdk/) he helps with setting up interesting meet-ups that target more than 1000 members. He also used to be a Microsoft MVP within the "VS & Dev Tech" Department, but Microsoft decided that he didn't do enough for open source, so they took that away again. They're not getting the glass statuette and the blue stickers, though! In addition to this he likes beer a lot, so he founded The Alley Beer Company with the intention of brewing the first really good craft beer of his hometown, Horsens.


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This meetup should be an umbrella project for all C# / .NET developers in Hamburg. With Microsofts recent moves into the open source world, this field is right now becoming more and more interesting, let's talk about all that!

See also: http://dotnet-usergroup-hamburg.de/

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