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This group is for anyone remotely interested in Haskell and functional programming in general. All levels of experience and interest are welcome.

We plan to cover topics like the following with talks and coding sessions:

• Profiling / Benchmarking

• Monads / Monad Transformers

• Typeclassopedia (Semigroup, Monoid, Applicative, Folds, Traversals, ...)

• Testing (Quickcheck, ...)

• Popular libraries (Aeson, ...) / Dev tools (SublimeHaskell, ...)

• GHCJS / Haskell in the Browser (also: PureScript and the like)

• Lenses

• GADTs (Generalized Algebraic Data Types)

• Concurrency

• Functional Reactive Programming

• (Atto)Parsec

• Streaming

• TemplateHaskell

• GHC Generics

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