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Hello friends,
Recently I have bee exploring a new software, Pentaho, which is a Unified Data Integration and Analytics Platform.
It is amazing how easy one using Pentaho can create reports, data visualization, data mining with the possibilities of using R, pentaho and Weka. Also, serverless data mining using AWS is straightforward.

A bit more detail: Pentaho follows an open core business model. It provides two different editions of Pentaho Business Analytics: a community edition and an enterprise edition. Community tools include a growing array of features usually contained in a package with an abbreviated name where the first C always stands for community and simultaneously represents its status as being both free of cost and open-source.

As there is none local meetup for Pentaho users in Hamburg, I am creating this to collect all enthusiastic people either working with Pentaho or keen to learn Pentaho together and have a regular meetup to share our knowledge.


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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder verfügbar