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Walk in the Forest by Night (Guided Tour in German)! Grunewald @ DateNotYetSet
**Update** The orginal date for the meetup (28.9) is already fully booked, unfortunately. There are two alternatives: 26.10. or 23.11. We're not sure yet which date we can make so the updated time for the meetup is only temporary. I'll update it later when it is fix. Thanks! Hey horror loving folks! We thought about doing something different and discovered that the Waldschule Grunewald und Waldmuseum offers guided night tours in the Grunewald. Yes, it might not be as scary as being left alone in the forest and running from the Blair Witch but hey, it's educational ;-) (and there might be families with children who, as we all know, are the scariest monsters known to mankind... at least in horror movies) Costs: 5 Euros Language: German only To sign up, please visit the following page and follow the instructions (select the date 28.9): http://waldmuseum-waldschule.de To everyone that joins: See you there!

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    This is the gender-neutral sibling meetup of Female Horror Lovers in Berlin. http://www.meetup.com/Women-In-Horror/ You know the drill. Are you a person? Do you love horror in all its forms? Then this meetup is for you! We'll meet once a month (-ish) and talk shop, share recs, maybe even watch some movies together.

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