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MSY Kundalini Breathing and Meditation - "Breath - Relax - Energize" with MASTER
Dear All, This session is mainly for the people who want to learn kundalini yoga in a traditional way. Kundalini breathing techniques are very powerful and very easy to learn and practise. "Mind - Breathing - Energy" everything is inter-connected. When the breathing is relaxed and harmonized, then it will automatically make the mind more peacful and activate the kundalini energy. Our Self Realized Master is coming from India to conduct this session. So don't miss out this great opportunity. Some of the benefits of Kundalini Energy Breathings are: - Activation of Base Energy Center (Mooladhara Chakra) - Keeps the body free from diseases - Mind will be at its peaceful state, so the meditation is easy to do - Breathing pattern will be harmonized - Stress free and peaceful mind - Inner happiness - etc. The Location: ------------------------ GZ Oerlikon Saal, Gubelstrasse 10, 8050 Zürich, Schweiz Session: ------------ MSY Prana Shakthi => Kundalini Breathing and Meditation Date: 29-September-2018, Saturday Time: 18:15 to 21:00 Donation Basis (Pay What You Feel of Paying) If you are interested for Kundalini Energy Activation (Shakthipat - Opening the Third Eye), Please register also with the following Sunday's session: https://www.meetup.com/I-am-Happy-Project-Zurich-Switzerland/events/251790902/ https://www.meetup.com/I-am-Happy-Project-Zurich-Switzerland/events/251790917/ Admission is strictly only for people who have pre-registered with us. If you are interested please message us in Meetup. If you need some more information, please feel free to contact us. For more information about kundalini yoga, you can refer the following links: About the Master who conducts this session: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://www.universalpeacefoundation.org/the-founder/ About Kundalini Shaktipat: ------------------------------------------------ In every human being there is a source of spiritual energy that yogis call "Kundalini". In order to evolve spiritually, no matter what our path is, the kundalini must be actived. Usually the kundalini lies dormant at the bottom of the spine (in the base chakra called "Mooladhara"). Our ethric body has seven energy centers called "Chakras". When the kundalini energy is awakened, it ascends through each Chakras until it reaches the highest, "Sahasrara". When that occurs completely, the yogi merges with his True Self and attain SELF realization. Shaktipat is the transfer of spiritual energy from the Master to the students in order to awaken their Kundalini Energy. This process is compared to lighting one candle with another that is already lit and glowing. When the activation is given by the realized Master and the energy is completely within his control, shaktipat initiation ensures that the student’s energy will remain active and stable. "Electricity is present everywhere, but there can be light only when the switch is turned on. Similarly the true master manifests the consciousness in the disciple through shaktipat.” Introduction Video to explain Kundalini Meditation: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vt6zZgf1Ds&feature=youtu.be Learning the Meditation in a traditional way from a Living Enlightened Master is a real gift, Blessed Souls can make use of this great opportunity ! HAPPINESS is our TRUE Nature, which comes from within NOT from outside ! Disclaimer: ------------------------ All these events are conducted for non-profit purpose. The session donation is mainly to cover the organizational costs (hall, food, travel, etc.). The courses are conducted on behalf of a Swiss non-profit organization (Verein) "Maha Shakthi Yogam - Switzerland"

GZ Oerlikon

Gubelstrasse 10 · 8050 Zürich

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