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MEGASTARHIKE 2018 (8/9 September 2018)
MEGASTARHIKE 2018 (8/9 September 2018) «to the highest SAC-hut of canton Grison» 60 People – 4 Groups – 4 Trails – 2 Days - 1 Destination What is the meaning of a starhike? We are hiking from different starting points to the same destination, the highest SAC-hut of canton grison. On the next day, every group takes another trail out of the valley. That is the swiss hike experience of the year! Only for experienced hikers! ARRIVAL TIME TABLE FOR GROUPS A-E YOU FIND HERE (short-term changes reserved): https://bit.ly/2nHcBdQ THE PLAN (DRAFT) Group A (with: 1. Marcel, 2. Heiner) T3/T3 Julier Veduta (2238m) – Fuorcla d'Agnel (2982m) – Jenatsch (2652m) – Fuorcla Suvretta (2968m) – St. Moritz (1822m) Day 1 https://bit.ly/2k4xmy2 [5.30h] Up 868, Down 454m, 8.57km Day 2 https://bit.ly/2wXO6jM [6h] Up 652m, Down 1525m, 16.47km Group B (with: Georgi) T2/T3 Bever – Jenatsch (2652m) – Julier Veduta (2238m) – Fuorcla d'Agniel (2982m) - Julier Veduta (2238m) --> due bad connections: afterwards to Bivio suggested Day 1 https://bit.ly/2IvSM1Q [6h] Up 1126m, Down 196m, 16.53km (shortening possible, if you go by train directly to Spinas (Albulaline), same departure from Zurich) Day 2 https://bit.ly/2IvSSXg [4.30h] Up 458m, Down 859m, 8.48km Group C (with: Stephan) T3/T2 St. Moritz/Corviglia (2488m) – Fuorcla Suvretta (2968m) – Jenatsch (2652m) – Bever/Spinas (rack railway St.Moritz-Corviglia: CHF 25) Day 1 https://bit.ly/2rTq3Nh [5.30h] Up 802m, Down 651m, 10.83km Day 2 https://bit.ly/2KA0iJG [5-6h] Up 180m, Down 1118m, 16.56km Group D (with: Christoph) T4/T3 Julier Veduta (2238m) – Fuorcla Alva (2791m) – Fuorcla Margun (2944m) – Jenatsch (2652m) – Fuorcla Crap Alv (2465m) – Albulapass/Preda (1789m) Day 1 https://bit.ly/2KzDlXb [5.30h] Up 895m, Down 482m, 9.03km Day 2 https://bit.ly/2Isj4C2 [6.30h] Up 668m, Down 1521m, 18.61km Group E T2/T2 People who feel not in an enough good shape, hike the first day with group B (Bever/Spinas – Jenatsch), on second day with group C (Jenatsch – Bever/Spinas) = Group E! Details Over different trails we are hiking to the hut Jenatsch. The lovely and enthusiastic hut couple (Clauda & Fridli & Team) spoil us with a warm welcome, good dinner and restful evening. Every group takes a different trail. The ways are mostly stony and rocky. It's advantageous to wear hiking shoes for the hike and to take poles with you. Overnight - Jenatschhütte - no electricity, no GPRS, 4G, etc. - no shower Transparent Costs: - CHF 77.00/p (CHF 70 for overnight, dinner, breakfast, tea for the next day and organisation fee CHF 7 (free, but nice, for the appreciated big work behind)) Please execute the payment in advance to Marcel Vogel, Kreuzstrasse 76, 8645 Jona, IBAN: CH[masked] 8292 4, Raiffeisenbank Rapperswil-Jona, mention "starhike” and interested priorities of groups. Please take notice: It's your own risk, when you cannot come to the event. I don't pay any refunds. Maybe you will find an other person, who takes short-term your spot. IMPORTANT * This is a casual meetup of individuals responsible for their actions, choices and judgement. * By signing up on this activity, the participants agree that the organizer will not be held responsible in any way for any bodily injuries or other accidents. It is each individual responsibility to ensure that they can do the hike and check out the trail. * To bring along : hiking boots, rain gear, water (minimum 1 liter bottle, water supply is limited), snack, lunch (lunch will be taken two times on the trails), camera, positive attitude, sun cream, toilet articles, sleeping bag (obligation, e.g. silk, rentable in the hut) * In case there is lots of rain, snow, storm etc. then of course, due to security reasons, this hike does not take place or we are changing the hikeplanning. My phone number:[masked] for further questions. Send me a message in September to put you in the Whatsapp-Group. Marcel Join us on facebook https://bit.ly/2nITtMl

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We live in an ever-shrinking world, where the technologies and transportation systems make it easier than ever to connect people from every corner of the world. We also have the fortune to live in a quality and international city that is home to people of diverse backgrounds and life experience. This Group gives you an opportunity to experience some of the many international cultures that this country hosts, to share your knowledge of cultural heritage, interests/hobbies or professional expertise with other members of the group, and make new friends while doing so. The mission of this group is as implied by the name of the group--we'd like to provide good company as well as a positive and safe environment for members to experience things that, for whatever reasons, you longed for but weren't able to do before. You'll also get to know things that you can do and enjoy in Zürich and Environment through the meetups proposed by your peers. It is also a hope of our group to promote cross-cultural dialogues, sharing, understanding, and peer supports through a variety of local activities and events, as well as international trips.

But we (organizers) are few and you are many, and this means that to work toward these goals we need the proactive participation and supports from at least some members of the community. This group is unique because of our members, and we look forward to meeting you and facilitate the meetup ideas you propose.


Interested in a festival or music performance? Crave for dining at an exotic restaurant? Interested in hiking with a group? Can't find teammates/players for a sport, hobby, or fun stuff (e.g., bowling, basketball, badminton, dance, or a silly fun game)?

* Any Member Can Schedule a Meetup at This Group for Free:)

This is a group in Zürich where people get to discover the city together in a fun and safe environment. People who are familiar with the city and the environment are of course welcome to join us and even provide meeting ideas. Newcomers to Zürich and the environment are also more than welcome to join us and explore this place together! We aim at building a safe and friendly community. You don't need to have experience overseas or be able to speak English to join this group. Every friendly person is welcome in this group! (Including people local in Switzerland or (originally) from other parts of the world.) If you happen to be traveling to Zurich, you are welcome to join our group and events as well:) If you are currently overseas but have a plan to visit or stay here in the near future, still welcome join the group.


Join our upbeat and friendly international community;

* Meet People from All Walks of Life *

If you enjoy friendship, activities, music, arts, networking, socializing, parties, learning, sharing, inspiration, personal/professional development, travel, culture, language, and/or some fun, and you like them for free, this is the group for you!!


Dear friends, This new group is part of an effort for establishing a network of global meetups, currently being fast deployed in major cities worldwide, including Hong Kong, LA, London, Montreal, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai, Thailand, Tokyo, Toronto, Zurich...

And more to come! Our only agenda is to build up a global community, where participants get to mix and mingle in a safe and friendly environment, have fun and adventures together or establish long-lasting friendship and fully enjoy what the area got to offer. We believe that this service can be offered for free, and we need your participation and encouragement to make it happen.

If you are fond of our vision, welcome to join and check it out.

Invite your friends who may be interested. We appreciate your supports, volunteering, and valuable inputs, but nothing is mandatory except for mutual respects to other members in the community.




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