Nächstes Meetup

Do you see yourself as an international person?
This is the fifth get together. I hope you will join us to talk about life, travel, philosophy, music, art, food and everything! As today is the opening of the Xmas Markets I thought maybe we could move on later in the evening to Bellevue, depending on the weather.

Gin Fabrik Pop up Bar

Bahnhofstrasse 3 (Shared location with Seven Friday Pop up Store) · Zürich

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Worum es bei uns geht

The group is for people who have lived and worked outside their home country and who identify strongly as being international in addition to any national or other identities they may have. The purpose of the group is to get together to discuss the common characteristics and shared culture of internationals and to look at the possibilities for more formally recognising the international identity beyond the expat social get-together organizations that exist today.

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