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This is a group for those who work in product development, process development, hardware and software design, prototyping, innovation, etc., and want to expand their know-how to meet the ever-accelerating demands of the market.

No matter if you are working with Scrum, Kanban, Scaling Frameworks like LeSS, SAFe, Nexus etc. or you are using Innovation Tools like Design Thinking, Design Sprints or Problem Framing, this is the place where you can share and learn.

We are also presenting topics on Agile Transformation, Agile Leadership, Communication and lots more.

If you want your company to be the next host, or you have interesting topics you want to share, feel free to contact me via http://www.buildingbridges.at

See you soon, Oliver! :)

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Flight Levels - Business Agility Flow Experiment

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The MVP is dead

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