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Today we are in the midst of a global spiritual renaissance that is surely part of the next stage in evolution for how humanity relates to spirituality. For the first time we have access to virtually all the wisdom and knowledge that has been generated over the course of our collective history. With contributions to this from the spiritual traditions, from psychology and psychotherapy, the sciences, evolutionary studies, health and wellness, social studies, social activism and many more, we now are able to integrate these different approaches to reveal a new vision of human flourishing.

Each of these different approaches has cultivated extraordinary insights in relation to different aspects of life, from spiritual awakening to cultivating a deep relationship with the divine, to psychological wholeness and healing, and participating in the evolution of culture and society. When we put them together, a new, truly global and integrative approach to human growth and awakening emerges that has never been seen before. This group is dedicated to exploring this path.

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