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Über uns

We would like to welcome Internationals and locals as well, and visitors to Berlin. Most of our events tend to be in English, but we also have an occasional event for practicing German and welcome more German language events.
Feel free to post ideas. If three people like it, then it automatically becomes a meetup. We tend to turn most ideas into meetups, even before the three person deal.

We welcome ideas about exploring Berlin's history and culture, tennis and other sports, contemporary art, performance events, food and music gatherings, and whatever else you think a few members would enjoy.

We aim to have a monthly gathering at a non-smoking bar for an early evening drink to meet new (and old) members.

Come and hang out with us!

Maxi D., Organizer


We also aim to keep things positive, honest and polite. Please make sure to show up if you have RSVP'd YES or contact the host if you need to cancel.


If you are posting events for your own meet-up group, please contact me before doing so.Thanks.

If you are posting a commercial event where you charge a fee, please contact me before doing so. Think of a fun perk or discount to offer our members. Thanks.