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The easy part of building the Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting the devices. Sensors and wireless technologies accelerate the data flow from “things” to us and become the source of new project ideas. Yet the hard part is remaining mindful of the human motivations that are the foundation of the IoT. So let's connect and share your thoughts and experiences...

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IoT among amphibians in Herzogenmatt nature reserve


Here's another The Things Network (TTN) Basel (http://thethingsnetwork.org/c/basel) LoRaWAN meetup in collaboration with Pshemek. He will show us how a weekend hackathlon idea initiated a long term citizen science project to provide online monitoring of the biotope of the nature reserve. What did they do? To gather and process the data in the remote location of the Herzogenmatt in Allschwil, a system combining LoRaWAN, WiFi, 4G and solar based power supply has been built and connected to the public services like OpenSenseMap.org and Luftdaten.info. This meetup is for you, if you want to learn more about LoRaWAN, learn some Arduino/ESP32 basics, or just have a chat about the latest TTN developments. After the presentation we can share our experience, talk about the actual status of the TTN activities, brainstorm on use cases, and learn from each other. Everybody is welcome.

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