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Every month on the last Wednesday of the month, we will organise a free brunch for IoT entrepreneurs, Startups, and anyone interested in this topic. Expect briefings on the latest industry trends, demos, and speakers from new IoT ventures. We will talk you through the journey of creating your first IoT concept and share our learnings.

New attendees are always welcome to our Meetups – so don't be shy!

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IoT Brunch: Building Automation and IoT

Telefónica BASECAMP

Modern technology allows us to control a building's heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting. But where is the difference between Smart Home and Building Automation? And can the Internet of Things improve the automation process? This month's speakers know everything about the topic and they are happy to discuss your questions during brunch. Agenda: 10:00-10:10: Registration and coffee 10:10-10:20: Introduction round 10:20-10:30: Thomas Deinert, smartreal.io, CTO&Founder 10:30-10:40: Marley Fabisiewicz, Co-Founder SpaceOS 10:40-10:50: Stefan Scheuerle, CRO Sensorberg GmbH 10:50-11:30 Networking and Brunch New attendees are always welcome at our Meetups!

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Blockchain Security and Privacy

Telefónica BASECAMP

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