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The IoT Meetup Franken wants to connect tinkerers, startups, companies and scientists that are working in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT) or have an interest in this.

Show your gadgets! Experience the future hands on, exchange ideas with early adopters, see new devices running, directly compare different technologies, and learn from real-life projects.

We use the show and tell format: you stand up and present something you care about, take questions and sit down again. Come share what you are doing and learn from others. Topics include, but are not limited to:

- hacking microncontrollers

- home automation

- networking sensors

- IoT business ideas

- networked robotics

- DIY hardware

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Discover the akenza low-code IoT platform


In this virtual meetup, Marco Mantoan, Technical Solutions Architect at akenza.io, will present the many smart use cases based on akenza and give us a live demo of the platform's main features.

From indoor air monitoring to dynamic cleaning, water pipe balancing, and wild animal geo-tracking, the akenza IoT platform is present in a variety of different applications and industries.

Akenza is a self-service IoT platform for the creation of great IoT products and services. It connects, controls, and manages IoT devices, all in one place.

With simple and secure management of smart devices, connectivity, and data, the akenza IoT application enablement platform enables the rapid introduction of innovative, smart solutions.

The platform is adapted to organizations of all sizes, from startup to enterprise, from one device to large-scale IoT deployments. Thanks to the self-service and low-code functionalities of akenza, users can start creating IoT cases right away, even without coding skills.

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